Tuesday, November 28

Acid test for Zuckerberg: this is how he showed that he is not a robot | Digital Trends Spanish

Since his appearance before the United States Congress in 2018, the rumors and jokes about Mark Zuckerberg’s robotic condition have not stopped. Through a test, the president of Meta and co-founder of Facebook was in charge of clearing all suspicion.

It was at the beginning of a long interview for the podcast of computer scientist Lex Fridman, who challenged the tycoon to prove that he is human. The formula was the most analogous that he could imagine: the host printed a captcha and asked him to take a pencil to circle all the traffic lights.

Very laughing, Zuckerberg complied with the request in a few seconds. “You really did. It was an impressive performance”, replied the interviewer when certifying the result of the test. “Now we can start the interview,” continued a very serious Fridman, before starting the dialogue, which lasted two hours.

During the talkdealt with issues such as the metaverse and the complexities of social networks, as well as family routines, his experience as the father of the New York programmer and businessman.

As recalled by media such as Insiderthe little expressiveness of the brain behind Facebook has earned it comparisons with fictional characters, such as the android Data from Star Trek, and nicknames such as “Zuckerborg”.

The former Harvard student has publicly admitted his limitations. In an interview with Lester Holt of NBC News, she noted, “Historically, I’ve had a hard time expressing myself. I feel like a robot. This is one of the things that… I am growing, I have to improve.”

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