Thursday, January 27

Acodeco detects non-compliance with regulations in the sale of substitute products

An operation to verify aspects contemplated in Law 113 of 2019, related to substitute products, which they must maintain a sign with the indications of if it is a substitute or imitation, name in Spanish language and country of origin, carried out throughout the country, the Consumer Protection and Competition Defense Authority (Acodeco).

According to the results of this action carried out on December 14 and 15, in 38 supermarkets, of which 35 do not comply with Law 114 of 2019. It was found that 388 products did not have signs indicating whether they were national or imported; 382 did not indicate the country of origin; 385 did not present the name in Spanish and 387 do not indicate whether the product is a substitute or an imitation.

National and imported substitute products (Law 113 of 2019) were verified (according to the list provided by the Panamanian Food Agency), beverages of vegetable origin (almond, soy, etc.) that on their labeling indicate the word milk or milk, details the Acodeco statement.

In addition, if the product on its labeling indicates that it is “Imitation, analogous or synonym of substitute” it must be verified in accordance with Law 113.

It should be noted, that The label that is placed on the shelf is not considered a “sign”, where price information or product name is usually incorporated, with barcodes.