Tuesday, January 18

Acodeco proposes to improve electronic commerce security

The Consumer Protection and Competition Defense Authority (Acodeco) seeks to improve protection for consumers who make online purchases or electronic commerce.

The administrator of Acodeco, Jorge Quintero Quirós, held a meeting recently with the Minister of Commerce and Industries (Mici), Ramón Martínez, to raise some situations that are occurring in consumer relationships through electronic commerce, where there are even fraudulent companies that scam consumers.

To minimize risks, work is being done on the drafting of an agreement with the General Directorate of Electronic Commerce of the Mici, which allows the exchange of information of the companies that provide commercial services through the internet, and which, among other requirements, must have an address physics of the economic agent.

With the pandemic, these situations occurred regularly due to informality, so when they harm the consumer in order to impose a fine or sanction, it is necessary to find the address of this supposed economic agent, ”said Jorge Quintero. These specific cases are referred to the Public Ministry.

On other occasions we have relied on the Panama Emprende database, but if we have additional information it would be very important for Acodeco, when processing a consumer complaint.

Acodeco has a department that permanently monitors the veracity of advertising, both in traditional and digital media, including social networks.


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