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Acodeco received 112 complaints against funeral homes between January and September 2021

From January to September of this year, companies dedicated to funeral services were the subject of 112 formal complaints, for a total amount of $ 28,396.50 in the Consumer Protection and Competition Defense Authority (Acodeco).

The main reason for these claims, presented by different users, with 93 cases (for $ 21,157.00), is the lack of information, which represents 83.8%.

Other causes exposed by consumers were the contract cancellation (9); Contract resolution (5); refund of money (2); iperformance of contract (2) e breach of warranty (a complaint).

63 claims have been resolved against funeral homes, in favor of consumers, for a total sum of $13,908.00.

Therefore, the institution recommends detailed information about all the clauses of the contracts and funeral packages or services, asking for other information, such as payments, coverage and period covered by the service.

Avoid signing any documents, especially contracts with blank spaces and supposed survey forms carried out by promoters of these funeral services.

Also, it is important to remember that retirees, pensioners and the elderly, according to the Law 6 of 1987, enjoy a 20% discount on the purchase of coffins and urns.

There are companies dedicated to offering the contracting of funeral services, using supposed surveys as a mechanism to link consumers, alleging any type of commitment or responsibility of the consumer, as described by some consumers when filing the complaint.

However, they are asked to sign or provide their personal data, which in the end are used by said economic agents to proceed with the collection, by means of a direct discount for an alleged contracted service, without the prior consent of the affected party; situation that has motivated the presentation of most of the claims in the Acodeco.

To avoid this irregular situation, Acodeco provides recommendations to consumers:

Do not provide the identity card or other personal identity document, as well as personal data, if you are not completely sure of carrying out the transaction.

Read carefully any document that is delivered to you, to confirm what is verbally reported by the agent or seller, who makes the offer or supposed survey, to be indicated in writing.

Do not sign any type of document that may link you to this type of service, without first being sure of its content,

Do not sign blank document and consult the page (Complaints board), information on companies that have received complaints from consumers for this type of activity.

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