Tuesday, January 18

Acodeco recommends planning the use of the thirteenth month

Before the next payment of the third game of the thirteenth month, the Authority for Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition (Acodeco) recommends planning on the best way to use that special bonus, so that it can be used in the most pressing needs of the moment.

Catching up with an overdue account or other financial commitment is one of the options to consider, another use is to save all or part of this tenth.

But if you are one of those who decides to spend part of this bonus on a purchase, remember not to spend just to spend.

It is worth remembering that many establishments promote tempting offers and trinkets, in order to attract as many possible buyers.

It is key that before buying an item you check if you can find it cheaper elsewhere.

By comparing prices and marking in different establishments, you can save money, which will be used to meet other expenses.

It is very simple, if the purchase is made in a nearby commercial premises, the price must be differentiated at least between two or three establishments that sell with the same characteristics.

Do not forget that Law 45 of 2007 protects you; Most home appliances must have a minimum warranty, in case of damage, present your corresponding certificate and demand full repair at no cost.

Be wary of those items with little warranty, prefer those with a longer duration. Ask before buying, for the service facilities. Research the number of shops and the availability of repairs and parts.

To avoid falling into irresponsible consumption, you have to be sure of the need to buy a certain item. For this, Acodeco recommends you compare and check before consuming.