Tuesday, February 27

ACS, pressured by AKO Capital on the Stock Market by raising its bearish bet to a historical maximum of 1.52%

AKO Capital has increased its bearish position in ACS to 1.52%, which represents the largest short bet of the investment firm since it broke into the group chaired by Florentino Pérez in 2015, at that time with 0 .53% of capital short.

According to the records of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), the last movement of AKO occurred this past Wednesday, January 19, compared to the short position of 1.43% that it held just a week before.

Precisely on that day, the stock registered the biggest fall on the stock market since last November 26. The next day, it rose 1% and today it is back in negative territory, with a drop of 0.87% at the moment.

Since the entry of AKO in the capital of ACS as its biggest bearish bet, the value accumulates a decrease of 20%. Specifically, in June 2015, when he began to bet against the action, his titles cost 28 euros. Now, 22.77 euros, weighed down by the pandemic, before which it was listed at 40 euros.

Currently, the company is in the middle of the dividend distribution schedule. On January 14, when the payment for its share was discounted, the value fell by 2.64%, in accordance with the 0.468 euros that it will distribute in cash on February 1, for those who so choose before today, the deadline come request it.

The other bearish fund on ACS is AQR Capital Management, with an open short position currently on 0.690% of capital. AQR opened its first bearish position, 0.5%, on July 1 last year