Thursday, September 16

Activist Arrested After ProtonMail Revealed IP | Digital Trends Spanish

ProtonMail has always claimed to be the safest email in the world, however, an activist against climate change has been arrested after the service provided his information at a request from Europol.

According to ProtonMail, the authorities sent him an order that could not be appealed or rejected and that implicated the activist in “serious crimes.” According to various reports, the activist participated in 2020 in several protests carried out in Paris against the gentrification of the city. In these protests squares and buildings in the city were occupied, and all the settlements were organized through a ProtonMail.

The French authorities could not directly locate the IP behind the email, as ProtonMail has all its servers in Switzerland. For this reason, Europol asked the Swiss authorities for the identity of the user and the latter in turn requested them from the email service provider.

ProtonMail has responded to criticism about its end-to-end encryption capabilities by saying that all companies must comply with laws and court orders. “Regardless of the service you use, unless it is located 15 miles offshore in international waters, the company will have to comply with the law,” said Andy Yen, CEO of the company.

Yen also specifies that while its service is not subject to requests from France or the EU, due to its headquarters in Switzerland, it must comply with requests for accounts belonging to users under criminal investigation by the country’s authorities.

ProtonMail remarks that it does not collect the identity of its users or their data because they are encrypted, so the French authorities did not have access to the activist’s emails, attachments, calendars or files.

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