Sunday, August 7

Activists collect more than 140,000 signatures so that the president of the Xunta does not attend the bulls in Pontevedra

The platform Galicia, Mellor Sen Touradas has reported this Saturday about the surpassing of a new figure in its campaign against bullfighting in Pontevedra and that there are already more than 140,000 people who have signed the petition on ‘’ , informs Europa Press The platform recalls that Pontevedra is the only Galician town that will host bullfights as such and also censors its name as a “bullfighting festival”.

With these signatures as endorsement, they ask the president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, not to attend any of the calls, reminding him that “it not only represents at least 1% of Galicians who declare to participate in these practices, but the vast majority who rejects them”. And it is that the platform censors that Rueda has been “a regular at the Pontevedra bullfighting fair” accompanying other distinguished members of the Popular Party, and adds that, in his role as the first political leader of the Community, he should make “a gesture with all and all those who would abolish bullfighting”.

Galicia, Mellor Sen Touradas also demands from the local government of Pontevedra “a greater commitment, for example, rescinding any employment agreement of the bullring; as well as greater regularity in the inspections of a facility that shows the passage of time and pass the bill for the security device that must be organized every year on the occasion of the Festas da Peregrina, forcing traffic to be cut off in the area”.

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