Monday, December 4

Activists hack Iran’s state TV during a speech by the country’s leader: “Your hands are full of blood”

Iran’s state television broadcast tonight, during the daily news, a speech by the country’s leader, Ali Khamenei. Suddenly, the screens have stopped showing the leader and instead have shown a sign with his face and a target pointed at his forehead. Just below, an inscription appeared: “Your hands are full of the blood of our youth.”

41 dead and more than 1,000 arrested in the protests in Iran for the death of the young woman arrested for wearing the veil wrong

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On the plaque that replaced the leader’s speech, Khamenei appeared surrounded by flames and with a rifle sight on him, and below, in addition to the inscriptions, photos of Mahsa Amini and other young women who have died in the protests that took place They have been going on for more than a month in the Asian country. A voice over these images recited the slogan of the protests: “Woman, freedom, life.”

When the image was cut, the news presenter, with a visible rueful gesture, said: “Dearest viewers, I invite you to see the rest of the news.” The hacker group Edalat-e Ali (Justice of Ali) has claimed responsibility for the action.

The figure of Khamenei has been one of the targets of the young people who have protested since Amini’s death on September 16 after being arrested. In the multiple protests throughout the country one of the chants is “Death to the dictator”, in reference to the supreme leader. They also resonate “Death to Khamenei” or “Dead to the Islamic Republic”.

Those cries resound at night in many neighborhoods of Tehran from the windows of the houses. The 83-year-old religious leader reappeared in mid-September after reports and rumors about his poor health. Despite several public appearances, it was not until October 3, after two weeks of protests, that he made mention of Amini’s death, in a speech in which he blamed the United States and Israel for the protests.

Amini, 22, died on September 16 after being arrested three days earlier by the so-called Morale Police in Tehran on the grounds that she was wearing the Islamic veil wrongly. Iran’s state-run Forensic Medicine Organization said Friday that Ella Amini died from a previous ailment and not from police beatings.