Saturday, October 1

Activists manage to paralyze the work of El Puertito de Adeje for at least one day

The activists who have been protesting for three weeks in the surroundings of where the Cuna del Alma project is planned to be lifted have managed to stop the works this Thursday. The Salvar la Tejita association has reported that the protesters woke up chained to stop what they understand as a “crime against the heritage, culture, biodiversity and archaeological value” of the Canary Islands, as denounced by one of the activists in a video spread on networks.

‘El Puertito de Adeje, a paradise in danger’: the documentary that explains why Cuna del Alma is an environmental “attack”

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The environmental association Salvar la Tejita has explained to Canarias Now that, despite the fact that the activists have been paralyzing the two thirds of the construction that are closest to the Puertito coast, on the morning of this Thursday, August 11, they decided “Make a peaceful sit-in in a strategic area where the shovels pass to continue with the works.” Once there, the environmentalists prevented the passage of workers and machinery, so the construction has had to be paralyzed. This break, as the Civil Guard has assured the protesters, will last throughout the day.

Last July, the Cabildo de Tenerife paralyzed around 2% of the works of this tourist macroproject in the south of the island, financed by Belgian businessmen, after the Tegüico Heritage Association denounced the presence of remains archaeological sites in the area and their possible destruction. Patrimony then carried out two inspections and verified that the works had damaged and destroyed remains, moreover, irreversibly.

The documentary El Puertito de Adeje, a paradise in danger, carried out by the citizen movement Salvar El Puertito, explains that in the surroundings of the enclave there are several Canarian endemic species. Most of these species, according to Salvar la Tejita, do not appear in the report of the permits to build the project. However, “there are already complaints”, although, as the environmental organization points out, “in August they go as they go”.

Precisely, the activists emphasize that the construction companies are advancing as much as they can in this month of August, which supposes the slowdown of the judicial processes as it is unsuitable, to destroy as much land as possible and make it developable. “Meanwhile, politicians without showing their faces,” concludes the environmental organization.