Monday, July 26

Ada Colau, chosen to lead the network of cities against the climate crisis in Europe

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, has been chosen to lead the C40 group in Europe, considered the world network of cities against the climate crisis, as reported by the council itself in a statement. Colau takes over from the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and will also act as European vice president of the executive committee of this entity together with the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala. Cities under the umbrella of the C40 group represent 700 million people and about a quarter of the world economy.

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The mayor of the Catalan capital has affirmed that this appointment is a recognition of the “brave and ambitious” policies that are being carried out in the city on climate issues and has stressed that it is necessary to “push” and “force” the States to comply your environmental obligations. “The fight against climate change is a matter for now and it is urgent; the States are late,” he warned. Along these lines, Colau highlighted the role of the C40 as an engine to “accelerate” local policies against climate change and “increase the influence” of cities in this area.

The mayor has insisted on the need for states to be “more courageous” in the fight against the climate emergency, recalled that “there is no planet B” and has urged governments to “put the batteries” and comply with the reduction emissions forecast in the short term. “We risk our lives; not only the future, but the present of our sons and daughters,” he concluded.

The mayor of Barcelona has also emphasized that occupying this position is a “recognition” of Barcelona’s leadership in the fight against climate change and initiatives such as the Superilla or the “promotion” of public transport, cycling and green areas in the city. .

Currently, the main objective of the C40 group is to comply with the Paris Agreements signed by the States in 2015, limit global warming of the planet and build healthy, equitable and more resilient communities.

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