Monday, August 15

Ada Colau will participate in the Glasgow Climate Summit with the Mayor of Paris and the Mayor of London

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, will participate from next Monday, November 1, in Glasgow (United Kingdom) in the 26 United Nations Climate Conference (COP26), where she will assume the vice-presidency of the climate leadership group C40 , a global network of cities against climate change.

The Barcelona City Council has announced this Saturday that Colau will participate in the main table of cities together with his counterparts from Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and London, Sadiq Khan, who will be proclaimed the new president of the network, reports EFE.

It is the most important political meeting on climate in the world, in which some 200 countries will update their commitments to face the climate threat and will commit to objectives that are in principle more ambitious than those they assumed in 2015 in the Agreement on Climate Change. Paris.

Cities and local administrations will participate through the so-called C40 global network, which represents some 700 million people and a quarter of the world economy, according to the Barcelona city council.

The mayor of Barcelona is expected to arrive in London this Sunday to participate in the preparatory meeting called by Sadiq Khan and that on Monday she will leave for Glasgow along with the rest of the C40 representatives, who will demand more resources and skills for the cities facing climate change.

Although it is eminently a summit of countries, cities also participate through round tables, and Barcelona is the only Spanish city whose mayor has been invited by the United Nations.

Colau’s presence responds, according to the council, to a recognition of the policies carried out by the city council to reduce pollution in the city, with the “superblocks” projects at the forefront.