Tuesday, May 17

ADHD, the disorder that stayed in another country

I still have not come out of my perplexity.

An acquaintance told me that when she moved to another country, she had to go to a specialist again to have the diagnosis of attention deficit performed again and thus continue with a treatment that improves her quality of life. At this point, I see that my capacity for wonder is infinite. I cannot imagine a chronic heart patient having to undergo the entire battery of diagnostic tests for a cardiologist to continue treating him in another country. Are not the reports of a psychologist or neurologist universally accepted? Despite being included in the DSM-5 of the American Psychiatric Association, it is seen that attention deficit continues to be that entelechy invented by twisted minds with a desire for prominence.

People with attention deficit really suffer the ordeal of a road full of obstacles … to be treated, to be recognized, to receive the support they need and, in my opinion, the worst, the misunderstanding of those close to them, already be they family, teachers or co-workers. But, in addition, if they change country, from what you can see, in some places they have to, let’s say, “renew their official inattentive card.”

Many people with ADHD have come a hard way until they know that they are not a disaster, that what happens to them is a consequence of a neurodevelopmental disorder with which they are born and, most likely, transmitted from parents to children. That is to say, whoever has it is not inattentive due to neglect. They have trouble concentrating because certain regions of the brain are not working properly. Not because they are not interested in the tasks, and precisely because many chronify stress due to the constant overexertion they make to pay attention … to mention briefly some of the consequences of having this deficit.

Many, as I mentioned, have traveled a heavy pilgrimage through specialist consultations, with wrong diagnoses, treated as suffering from depression or anxiety, when what happened to them had another explanation.

Moving to another country requires a certain capacity for adaptation and some people with ADHD regulate changes in the environment until they move to the new place. Although they will say … well, changes cost us all. Really yes, but the stress that this change generates in a person with attention deficit is much higher than what I, who do not have ADHD, can feel. And to that stress is added putting, again, in the starting box so that they recognize their disorder.