Sunday, November 28

Adidas announces alliance with bitcoin exchange Coinbase

The German sportswear and shoes multinational Adidas announced via Twitter that it has partnered with Coinbase, the main cryptocurrency exchange in the United States.

The ad has caused a stir on the social network, where the tweet exceeded 30 thousand “likes” and was shared more than 8 thousand times in less than 2 hours.

“We have partnered with @coinbase. Probably nothing, “reads the Adidas tweet. Meanwhile, from the official account of the US exchange they responded with a handshake emoji, as a sign of confirmation of the alliance. Later, Coinbase posted another tweet, where he welcomes the German firm “to the party” and calls him “partner.”

At the time of writing this report, details of the alliance have not been released. However, the most repeated question in the comments of the tweet is whether the signature will be preparing to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

The Adidas Originals tweet received more than 25 thousand “likes” in less than 2 hours.
Coinbase called the German firm a “partner”, citing its post.

The post came from the account of “Adidas Originals”, which corresponds to the section of the casual sportswear line, specialized in shoes, shirts, coats, bags, sunglasses and other accessories.

This same account announced on November 17 the launch of a non-fungible token (NFT), which is an animated representation of the shamrock logo, worn by Adidas from its founding in 1949 to 1994. The NFT, featured a supply of 3.268 tokens, which have already been claimed in their entirety by the favored clients, on the Poap Gallery platform.

This announcement was accompanied by an invitation to join the company on its “journey to the metaverse.” Later, on Monday of this week, Adidas Originals hinted on Twitter a possible partnership with The Sandbox for the construction of a metaverse own, which could be called «adiVerso».

Another giant of sportswear, Nike has also made some moves in the direction of NFTs.. As reported by CriptoNoticias, the company registered all its merchandise with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, including its slogan “Just Do It” and the Jumpman logo, as “downloadable virtual products.” The action could have been motivated by an interest in participating in the market for NFTs and metaverses.

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