Monday, December 6

Adidas partners with crypto exchange Coinbase

The German clothing multinational Adidas, has announced in a tweet its alliance with the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Although the terms of the alliance are still unknown, it is believed that the German clothing brand could start accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Just a week ago, Adidas hinted at a possible collaboration with The Sandbox Metaverse, to develop their own metaverse, the adiVerse. He also announced the launch of an NFT on the Poap Gallery platform.

Adidas, Coinbase and cryptocurrencies

Adidas communicated its collaboration with Coinbase via a somewhat cryptic Tweet: “We have partnered with Coinbase. Probably nothing. To which the cryptocurrency exchange was quick to reply with a handshake and a “Welcome to the party, partner!” In response to these mysterious tweets, some ventured to say that it could be because Adidas wants to start selling its products with cryptocurrencies. The truth is that the company has moved a lot in the last month in blockchain technology.

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The Adidas Metaverse

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Like Nike, which has created its metaverse Nikeland, Adidas has hinted that it has plans to build one of its own, which would be called adiVerso. Its construction could be done in association with The Sandbox. In this metaverse, Adidas could promote its brand through games, or sell virtual clothing to avatars who want to be part of it. In addition, the German brand has made several applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office, which suggest that it could be promoting its presence in the NFTs and the metaverse.

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