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Administration and Finance is the area with the most job ads in 2021: what salaries are requested

What are the areas that grew the most in job demand this year?

In relation to the same period of 2020, the volume of notices of Administration and Finance increases 124%. The growth of the sector is higher than the general average which is 105%. Only two areas had increases greater than Administration and Finance: HR, with 185%, and Marketing and Communication, with 155%.

Within the ranking of areas with Most applications, Administration and Finance ranks third with 19% of the total. In first place is Production, Supply and Logistics with 24% and, in second place, Commercial with 20%.

The number of applications for Administration and Finance increased 30% compared to the same period in 2020, 8 percentage points above the average increase of 22%. But the first position on the podium is occupied by HR with a rise of 64%. The third, Marketing and Communication with 29%.

The average intended remuneration for Administration and Finance is 68,072 pesos per month for a junior position and 95,519 pesos per month for a senior and semi-senior position. At the junior level, the intended salary increase is 2.9% in relation to the previous month and accumulates an annual increase of 51.5%. The highest intended salary is for the Risk Analysis position with 85,681 pesos per month; the lowest corresponds to Insurance sales with 50,264 pesos per month.

At the semi-senior and senior levels, the required compensation increase is 0.5% compared to the previous month and accumulates an annual increase of 51.8%. The highest intended remuneration is for the Investment Projects position with 144,587 pesos per month; the lowest, for Guarantees with 59,607 pesos per month.

Wages rise below inflation for the second month in a row

For the second month in a row, target wages rise below inflation. In November, the increase is 2.5% and the Average intended compensation stands at 96,933 pesos per month. However, salary accumulates an increase of 49% so far this year, 3 percentage points above inflation, which is 46%.

In 2018 and 2019 the required salary in Bumeran and the RIPTE (Average Taxable Remuneration of Stable Workers) rose below inflation and thus lost purchasing power. Then, during the first four months of 2020, the required remuneration in Bumeran increased above inflation, but with the arrival of the pandemic it fell again. Since June 2021, the target salary in Bumeran has once again been above inflation, but this increase slows down as of August.

In November, the average required salary is 150,992 pesos per month for manager and supervisor positions, 96,879 pesos per month for semi-senior and senior levels, and 67,054 pesos for junior positions. The salaries of the junior and boss and supervisor segments rose 3.2% and 3.1%, values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are above inflation. On the other hand, the salaries required for semi-senior and senior positions increased by 2.2% and are below inflation in November.

The gender pay gap is accentuated by increasing the seniority of the position

Men request a salary 20% higher than that of women for the same job and this gap in pay increases with seniority: It starts from 4.7% at junior levels, rises to 17.8% in semi-senior and senior positions and reaches 38.9% in the positions of boss and supervisor.

For example, the average required remuneration for men amounts to 109,604 pesos per month, while that of women is 91,311 pesos per month. In junior positions, the requested salaries are 68,602 pesos per month in the case of men and 65,505 pesos per month in that of women. In the positions of boss and supervisor they are 208,381 pesos per month and 150,015 pesos per month, respectively.

In turn, in November, the average salary of men increased by 2.9% and that of women by 2.5%.

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