Friday, September 24

Adriana Lastra qualifies Casado as “ash”: “Whoever sows doubts and mistrust does not deserve to govern Spain”

The deputy secretary general of the PSOE, Adriana Lastra, has accused the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, of championing an irresponsible opposition that does not defend the interests of Spain, in addition to using the pandemic to fight against the Government. “Casado is an ashen who always works against Spain and the Spaniards,” he said, then asked him to “abandon all hope that this country is not doing well.”

“To lead the PP it may be enough, but whoever sows doubts and mistrust does not deserve to govern Spain,” he declared during the presentation of the PSOE affiliation campaign, at a ceremony held in Madrid.

In his opinion, “in any democracy the opposition is expected to be responsible” when it comes to defending the interests of the country, however, “Casado fails to fulfill his responsibility when he says that the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) does not it is up to him “,” when he goes to Brussels to boycott “European funds for Spain or” when he says in the manner of Le Pen, Trump or Vox that Spain is not a democracy.

“While all the parties, employers’ associations, social organizations and citizens fought against the pandemic, Mr. Casado only fought against the Government,” he lamented. Thus, Lastra believes that “Casado shows that he does not measure up”, and reproaches him that “questioning the foundations of democracy serves to attack the Executive.”

The PSOE Organization secretary, Santos Cerdán, was also present at the event. Like Lastra, he attacked the right wing by recalling that the PSOE is “proud of its past, not like others” and has celebrated the “vocation of government “of the Socialists, with the presidency of the Government of Spain, more than 2,000 mayors and some 20,000 councilors.

“We are a party that plays in the field of dialogue, understanding, not tension,” said Cerdán, who added: “All solutions bear the stamp of the PSOE’s name, but if we continue analyzing, all problems bear the surname of the PP “.

In this sense, he regretted that, being in the Government, “the PSOE has always had to deal with that ‘no’ of the PP”, referring in this regard, among other things, to the “kidnapping” of more than 1,000 days of the CGPJ . “Casado shows that he does not govern nor does he intend to do so, he shows that he has no project for Spain and that he has lost the north,” criticized Cerdán, who has accused the Spanish right of being “classist” and of “disrespecting the citizenship”.

“How much longer is the irresponsibility towards Spain of the right going to last?” He asked himself then, calling the PP a “dead weight” for the hope of Spain and dedicating himself to “anti-politics.”

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