Monday, August 8

Adriana Lastra resigns as Deputy Secretary General of the PSOE

Adriana Lastra resigns as Deputy Secretary General of the PSOE. The number two of Pedro Sánchez in the match attributes the decision to his personal situation. “In recent months there have been important changes in my personal life that require calm and rest and that, in the last two weeks, have forced me to take a leave of absence that is going to last for some time,” says the leader. Asturian in a statement: “For all this, and given the difficulty of combining the demands for rest and care, essential in my current situation, with the intensity required by the leadership of the Party, I have submitted my resignation as Deputy Secretary General of the Socialist Workers’ Party Spanish”.

The resignation, which has been advanced by Cadena SER, was communicated to the Prime Minister a few days ago. “I want to thank you for your trust all these years traveled on a path that many believed impossible and that we have made a reality step by step,” Lastra, who has been one of Sánchez’s mainstays since his previous term as head of the PSOE, says in the statement. one of the people who encouraged him to fight again for the general secretary after his resignation on October 1, 2016. After the primaries, Sánchez entrusted Lastra with the deputy general secretary of the party. However, with the changes he made last summer, he was left without a parliamentary spokesperson.

Since then, the struggle in the socialist leadership has been constant and the tension with the Secretary of Organization, Santos Cerdán, increased due to the organic control of the party. In the socialist ranks they expected a movement from Sánchez to put an end to the internal wars unleashed in Ferraz.

In the farewell statement, Lastra shows his gratitude to the members of the Executive and the Ferraz workers. “It is difficult to find people with such dedication and such competence. They are a source of pride for this party that, with them, will always be in good hands”, he points out. “My heartfelt thanks, always, to all socialist affiliates and militants. If I have been, am and will be anything, it is a member of this party. It has been a privilege to be your Deputy Secretary General and it is to represent our party in Parliament”, adds Lastra, who will keep her seat in Congress.


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