Sunday, December 5

Ads reach Telegram: this is how advertising works in the messaging app

It is no secret that Telegram I was working on an advertising platform. At the end of last year Pavel Durov, its founder, revealed the app’s monetization plans: ads on mass channels and premium functions for companies and “power users”. Nothing is known about this second option yet, but the ads have already been seen.

Effectively, advertising reaches Telegram, but in a somewhat peculiar way. Ads on Telegram are nothing other than sponsored posts that will appear on mass public channels, these being those with more than a thousand followers. According to Telegram, no user data is mined or analyzed.

Ads on Telegram, but half

Despite what you might think, Ads on Telegram will not be banners in the app or in private chats. Instead, they will be promoted messages that will appear on the big one-to-many channels, which are those with over a thousand followers. Each message will be limited to 160 characters, little more than a tweet from before.

According to Telegram, sponsored posts are based “solely on the theme of the public channels on which they are displayed. That, in Telegram’s words,” means that no user data is mined or analyzed to display the ads “and that all users of the same channel will see the same sponsored message.

Promoted messages will be segmented based on the theme of the channel

Also, sponsored posts do not allow adding external links. You can only promote products within Telegram. In other words, sponsored messages serve solely and exclusively for promote Telegram channels and bots, but they cannot be used to take the user to an external website. According Telegram’s own guides:

“Ads can only promote products within Telegram, such as channels or bots. Each ad consists of an ad text and a button that opens a link to the advertised product. The maximum length of ad text is 160 characters, including spaces. “.

Advertisers will be able to choose the language and approximate themes of the channels in which they want to show the ad. In the same way, you can choose specific channels to show the ads in them or add specific channels that should not be displayed.

Needless to say, not everything is allowed. Telegram prohibits this platform from being used to promote, and we quote verbatim: sexual, graphic or shocking content; violence, hatred or harassment; misleading advertising; political or election announcements; bets; misleading or harmful products; medical products and services or drugs; drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or fast food; weapons, firearms, explosives or ammunition; SPAM software, malware or hacking and products of questionable legality.


That said, and knowing the limitations, it should be noted that the promoted messages are in beta and, therefore, not available to everyone. When they are, from Telegram they ensure that once they have covered the basic costs of maintaining the app, they will begin to share the income with the owners of the public channels where the ads are displayed.

And will it be possible to do something so that ads are not shown to us on the channels? Nothing has been mentioned for now, but Pavel Durov said in a message published on his Telegram channel that “users will be able to opt out of receiving ads“No further details have been released, at least not yet.