Wednesday, October 5

Aemet, on the meteorological phenomena this summer: “What is happening is going to be more frequent”

“If what is happening this summer had been 30 years ago, we would have said: ‘It will take many years to live a summer like this again, perhaps we will never see it.’ In 2022 we can no longer make such a resounding statement, these phenomena are becoming more frequent. This is how the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) explained the weather situation that we have been experiencing in recent weeks in the Mediterranean through its twitter profile.

One dead and 32 hospitalized due to the ravages of the wind at the Cullera Medusa Festival that has been canceled

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Last weekend, and more specifically in the early hours of Friday to Saturday, a series of convective outbursts occurred in different parts of the Valencian territory, some of them with tragic consequences, such as the one that took place in Cullera that caused the death of a 21-year-old man and the hospitalization of 32 people due to the detachment of some structures of the Medusa Festival due to the strong wind.

The Aemet rules out, as “it is being heard” lately, that the current one is going to be the “coldest summer of our lives”: “Absolutely not, but we have to get used to the idea that what is happening in 2022 every It’s going to be more frequent.”

Thus, they go on to explain that, in a “not very pessimistic” scenario, the anomalies of warm temperatures that only occurred 5% of the days, in the last 30 years of the 21st century “may occur 50% of the days”. In other words, “what used to be rare can become normal”.

In this sense, remember an article published last year in which it was pointed out that storms, hailstorms, tornadoes, heat waves, blowouts… “are not unknown in our territory; but it’s not about that, that’s part of the weather, what it’s about is whether these phenomena are now more intense and violent than before and more frequent, that is, it’s about finding out if the climate is changing and what consequences and impacts are taking place because of those changes.”

And they sentenced from the agency: “There is little doubt that this greater intensity and frequency of adverse summer phenomena, especially those related to heat, heat waves or the higher temperature of sea water, is already occurring and, At least with regard to the Mediterranean area, there is also an increase in the frequency and intensification of situations that cause very heavy or torrential rains and significant extension”.

Finally, they refer to the criticism that is repeatedly heard about meteorologists assuring that the predictions and projections that are being made about the climate are not correct: “Well, this is not the case”, and they attach a video of the forecasts of the evolution of the temperature for the Valencian Community and how they have actually evolved.