Sunday, January 16

AES delivers $ 18.6 million to the State as dividends and capital reduction

The National Government, as a partner, received two checks payable to the National Treasury, corresponding to the payment of dividends and capital reduction for $ 18,569,472 million from the electricity generation company AES Panamá.

As owner of $ 108,347,536 in participation fees, the State received as dividend payment: $ 15,440,919 with 88 cents. While in capital reduction were delivered: $ 3,128,552, highlighted the press release from the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Héctor Alexander, received the two checks, together with the Vice Minister of Finance, Jorge Luis Almengor.

The president of AES Panama, Miguel Bolinaga stated that this is the second delivery of dividends to the State in 2021 and in June 2021 the first disbursement was made.

This year we paid dividends over $ 20 million. Additionally, we disbursed $ 11 million in capital reduction, which gives a total, adding the Income Tax of $ 52 million, “said Bolinaga.

The president of AES Panama, pointed out that Investments in 2021 were close to $ 110 million in four solar parks located in the interior of the country and “we have great confidence in Panama, a country with legal security, with excellent connections and we want to continue growing in this country.”

AES Panama is 22 years old in Panama and it is the only company that since the electricity sector was privatized continues to provide service and has delivered more than $ 900 million to the National Treasury.

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