Saturday, December 4

AES Panama receives the Corporate Excellence Award from the US Department of State.

The energy company AES Panama officially received the award given by the United States Department of State (USA) named “Award for Corporate Excellence” (ACE). This award, delivered at its AES Colón plant, seeks to recognize companies of American origin that maintain the highest standards as responsible members of their communities and that represent American values ​​in their way of doing business and in accordance with the best practices at the level. world.

In the event they participated Miguel Bolinaga, president of AES Panama and, Steward Tutlle y Timothy Cannon, highest authorities of the American embassy in Panama, highlights the press release of AES Panama.

As reported by Stewart Tuttle, chief of mission of the United States Embassy in Panama, AES received the 2020 award in the category “Sustainable Energy Security” for the creation of the first plant and reception terminal powered by natural gas in Central America, which has become an energy hub for the region that delivers a much more environmentally friendly fuel.

AES Panama represents the best of the values ​​of the United States when doing business: hard work, constant innovation, promoting equality and free enterprise for the benefit of the community, ”commented Chief of Mission Tuttle during the ceremony.

AES is a clear example of how you can do business and at the same time do good, creating jobs, offering opportunities for women and men alike, and promoting stability ”, he added.

“For AES this recognition in addition to making us proud, It also reaffirms our commitment to improving lives through the generation of safe, cleaner and more sustainable energy, ”said Miguel Bolinaga, president of AES in Panama.

“At AES we are convinced that the development of new projects in addition to positioning Panama as an important electric power distribution center in the region Central America, allows achieving a significant reduction in dependence on fossil fuels, as well as addressing various sustainability and corporate social responsibility issues in the country through the AES Panama Foundation ”, added Bolinaga.

As part of the AES works in the province of Colón, We have been providing support, for several years now, to the Good Samaritan Association, which offers specialized services for the processes of rehabilitation and improvement of the quality and living conditions of children and adolescents with disabilities in the province.

This center currently serves about 48 children from different areas of the province, from newborns to 16-year-olds. To whom it offers Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Hydrotherapy programs.

This is just one of the examples of our work in the AES Colón area of ​​influence that goes hand in hand with our goal of having a positive impact on the country. and ensuring a sustainable energy future for generations to come. For 22 years now, the company has contributed to developing areas of corporate social responsibility, exemplary working practices, occupational health and safety, responsible practices and environmental protection, contribution to the growth and development of the local economy, in the country. development of competitive and innovative practices, and in compliance with both local and international laws ”added the CEO of AES in Panama.

For AES it is important to continue accelerating the future of energy and is committed to keeping innovating and changing the national electricity market.

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