Friday, September 24

AFEX Connect: the Chilean app that sends money abroad | Digital Trends Spanish

AFEX is a Chilean company that is dedicated to currency exchange and that allows money to be sent abroad. To avoid how cumbersome this process has become in times of pandemic, he decided to release an application to streamline the process.

It is a app called AFEX Connect that allows users to send money quickly and safely to more than 200 countries around the world, including Peru, Bolivia, Haiti, Colombia and soon Venezuela, among others.

A completely exportable idea that helps the circulation of foreign currency in Latin America.

“In these times, these types of services are a necessity for the almost one and a half million immigrants who live in our country and who need to bring the resources they combine with their work to their families who are in other parts of the planet. For this reason, a quick response is so necessary, with competitive prices, safe and reliable for everyone ”, says Daniela Salas, general manager of AFEX.

One of the peculiarities of AFEX Connect is the delivery of the money in two hours and that it can be withdrawn in cash, in a receiving agent agreed by both people. In addition, it allows the login with biometric technology for greater protection and thus recognize only the authorized user.

Regarding security, after the transaction the client receives a code with which the receiver can charge in a vast network of agents in the world, as well as having chosen to deposit directly into the account of his recipient through the different banks associated with AFEX Connect in the destination country.

According to Daniela Salas, “it was a natural step that we should take as a company to make our clients part of the digital age through us and continue to be an important contribution to all the people who live in a different place than their loved ones. ”.

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