Tuesday, July 5

Afghanistan calls on Europe to suspend deportations of immigrants for “three months”



The Government of Afghanistan has asked European countries to immediately suspend the repatriation process of Afghan migrants due to the insecurity prevailing in the Central Asian country due to the advance of the Taliban.

«The escalation of violence by the Taliban terrorist group and the spread of third wave of coronavirus It has caused a great deal of economic and social unrest, “according to the Afghan Foreign Ministry in a statement sent this Saturday.

The Afghan Government “does not consider that the current situation in the country is adequate for the return of refugees”

Given the situation, the Afghan Government “is concerned about the return of Afghan refugees from host countries to Afghanistan and does not consider that the current situation in the country is adequate for the return of Afghan refugees from abroad. ‘

Therefore, the Government of Kabul has asked European countries that the current memorandum of understanding on the repatriation of Afghans be suspended for “about three months».

Group deportations

Right now, many European countries are deporting rejected Afghan asylum seekers to the war-torn country. For example Germany, who routinely carry out group deportations, like the 27 Afghans who arrived in Kabul on Wednesday, on the 40th trip since the start of the deportation process in 2016.

The deportations have been deeply controversial, with critics saying that the war-torn country is too dangerous to return asylum seekers. In addition, the situation in the country has worsened since USA it has begun to withdraw its troops completely in a process that will end at the end of August.

Taking advantage of the occasion, the Taliban have taken control of almost a hundred districts of the country and have put the Afghan government on the ropes in full peace negotiations, constantly hampered by differences of opinion between the government and the insurgents.

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