Thursday, September 23

“Afghanistan has been used, and we Afghans ourselves have been used”

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Ahmed Wali Masud, former Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United Kingdom, he considers that his country has been used by foreign powers and local power groups, and that the victims are Afghan citizens. This was stated in an interview with the US network CNBC a day after almost two hundred people were killed in a terrorist attack near the Kabul airport, including 13 Americans and three British. The tragedy occurred while the United States, the United Kingdom and other nations, including Spain, carried out the macro-operation, which is about to end, to evacuate their nationals, as well as the Afghans and their families who collaborated with them during 20 years, and after the Taliban seized power a few weeks ago, which already plunged the country into an era of terror between 1996 and 2001.

Masud, who is the brother of the late politician and leader of the resistance Ahmed Shah Masud, known as the Lion of Panshir, explained that the local population is also a victim of the multiple terrorist groups that exist in the region, of which it is not known “who is who” or “where they came from” and that they have people “terrified” and plunged into terror. chaos and turmoil. “We believe that we are victims of the interests of different countries in Afghanistan … our country has been used, and we ourselves have been used, our blood has been used,” he declared, adding: “I don’t know what kind of game is on the table. What we know is that it is very dangerous and we are suffering. Our soil, our country, our people, we are the victims, “he said.

The suicide attack, the work of Daesh-K (Islamic State of Khorasan, a regional affiliate of the Islamic State whose fighters are enemies of the Taliban) was possibly only the first of many to come, said the former ambassador, who is founder and president from the Masud Foundation, which works for the cultural, economic and social development of Afghanistan.

New rivalry

Masud criticized the West for the “irresponsible” way in which it left the country after two decades of occupation and considered that now a “new rivalry” is beginning in which the various groups will again enter into conflict for power and control of the population. Of course, he stressed that there is a growing anti-terrorist resistance whose base of operations is precisely in Panshir, a province in northeast Afghanistan that has not fallen into the hands of the Taliban, and in which his nephew took the witness of his father to lead a resistance that, he said, “will have political and cultural power, beyond military power” and in which women will play a prominent role. “We have to defend the dignity of our country, we cannot leave it like that”, he assured. Speaking to Newsweek magazine, Masud stated that “Panshir was always the symbol of resistance”, both against the Russian invasion and against the Taliban. “However, right now, all the people, including the inhabitants of Panshir, are trying to see if we can achieve a peace agreement based on shared power.”

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