Saturday, September 25

Afghanistan: the longest war, the shortest escape

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We started the season with the war that started 20 years ago: Afghanistan. We tell what happens beyond the Kabul airport and the evacuation, what happens in the rest of the country and how it will affect Afghans and especially Afghans, the international board and jihadism.

We talk about the causes and consequences of a war that started 20 years ago together with the 5W Magazine who in his last special dives into the history of Afghanistan and the reasons for this conflict. Their editor-in-chief tells us about it, Maribel izcue; the journalist Mayte Carrasco, co-director of the documentary series “Afghanistan, the wounded land”; the journalist, writer and photographer Amador Guallar, who has lived in the country for a decade; journalist Mikel Ayestarán from the border in Pakistan; the writer and war reporter Monica G. Prieto, expert on the origins of this conflict and Ana Ballesteros Peiró, PhD in Arabic and Islamic Studies and associate researcher at CIDOB.

In addition, we hear the story of a young Afghan who managed to leave Kabul in recent weeks and is in our country and that of a refugee woman who arrived years ago.

You can listen to all the international information programs with 5w, El Hilo or Carlos Pérez this season and last here.

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