Monday, March 27

AFIP extended the deadline for companies that breached the ATP to restore funds from the bonus

In order to sustain income and jobs in the private sector, the national government invested more than $ 220 billion pesos during 2020 to finance the supplementary salary, the AFIP specified.

Some 307 thousand companies received at least one month the complementary salary of the ATP Program.

There are 2.96 million workers in the private sector who received a part of the salary thanks to the state effort

To date, some 2,700 firms, 0.8% of the total that received assistance to pay their workers’ salaries, have been notified of the breaches so that they can proceed with their restitution.

Among the reported breaches are the distribution of profits, repurchase of shares and acquisition of securities in pesos for their subsequent and immediate sale in foreign currency or their transfer in custody abroad, among others.

The criteria for accessing and maintaining the benefits provided for in the ATP Program were established by the Evaluation and Monitoring Committee headed by the Chief of Staff together with the AFIP and the ministries of Economy, Productive Development and Labor.

Through General Resolution No. 5128, the disputed body will give more time to these firms based on the multiplicity of reports sent by the Central Bank and by the National Securities Commission (CNV) that account for the breaches and inconsistencies detected.