Monday, January 17

AFIP extends refunds for debit card consumption for retirees and AUH

The decision to extend the validity of the tool for six months was made official through General Resolution 5119 of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) published this Thursday in the Official Gazette. The reimbursement amount rises from mid-2020 to $ 1,200 per month per beneficiary, with a maximum value of $ 2,400 for AUH holders with 2 or more children.

Also, this year too Purchases made in pharmacies were added to the reimbursement, in addition to the current operations carried out in mini, super and hypermarkets, kiosks and warehouses. The tool favors access to financial services and thus helps to reduce social, territorial and gender gaps.

Reimbursed funds are automatically credited when the beneficiaries make their purchases with the debit card associated with the bank account of a retiree, pensioner or beneficiary of universal allowances.

The operations paid with these cards under the Immediate Electronic Payment (PEI) or quick response codes (QR) are also achieved.

The reinstatement of vulnerable sectors was created by the Law of Social Solidarity and Productive Reactivation as a tool to shore up demand. The instrument complements different policies implemented by the Government and represents an additional mechanism to underpin the economic recovery.

To see if a person is entitled to access the refund for consumption with a debit card, you must enter the CUIL or the CUIT at Refunds are displayed in the summary of the debit card account with the legend “Refund Solidarity Law No. 27,541”.

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