Thursday, January 27

AFIP gave more time for Fintech companies to renew their registration and maintain tax benefits

The extension, arranged in the General resolution 5089/2021 published today in the Official Gazette, seeks that these companies can maintain tax benefits and have enough time to carry out the registration.

Each taxpayer must access the Tax Benefits service in the Tax on Debts and Credits in Bank Accounts with a tax code and enter the data required by the system.

Then the system will verify the information in its databases and the tax situation declared by the taxpayer. If the controls are passed, the system will indicate whether it is appropriate to provide additional documentation in the office in which the applicant is registered.

The request will be valid for 120 calendar days during which the indicated elements may be provided. Once this period has expired, it will expire and the process must be started again for the purposes of the usufruct of the benefit.

If as a result of the controls, the procedure is rejected, the system will issue a message indicating the reasons for the rejection and, if the situation that gave rise to it is corrected, a new application for registration may be formalized.

When it corresponds to attend the agency, within five days of the presentation of the respective documentation, the citizen will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of the request at their electronic fiscal address.

Upon approval of the application, the AFIP will send a notification to the electronic fiscal address and the effects of the registration will take place from the following day.