Monday, January 24

After another resignation, only 2 Bitcoin Core maintainers remain

Developer Samuel Dobson (also known as «meshcollider») Resigned from his position as maintainer of the Bitcoin Core client, which is the most widely used software for running Bitcoin (BTC) nodes.

“I am sad to leave the post, but I can no longer dedicate the necessary time, as I am nearing the end of my doctorate,” wrote the New Zealand computer scientist yesterday, December 9, 2021, in his account of Twitter.

He took the opportunity to thank his teammates and his sponsors. What’s more, asked those willing to contribute monetarily, to sponsor other developers: «Open source projects are difficult for them to survive, and [patrocinar a un desarrollador] it’s an amazing way to help even if you can’t write code. “

Samuel Dobson resigns from his position as maintainer of Bitcoin Core to pursue his PhD in Mathematics. Fountain: Samuel Dobson /

Finally, Dobson said he learned a lot during the years he worked as a maintainer of Bitcoin Core and expressed his enthusiasm for the future of both the mainnet and the Lightning network. In both, “an incredible amount of talent is being invested in their development,” he explained.

Since he began his passage through Bitcoin Core as a maintainer, Dobson made around 1,800 contributions to the projects he works on, which can be seen in your account GitHub, web of computer repositories.

In addition to working on Bitcoin Core and doing a PhD in Mathematics, Dobson is an administrator for the Bitcoin Wiki, is part of the StackExchange wallet team and has given talks on Bitcoin, crypto and cryptocurrencies in various fields. “My focus is almost exclusively on technology and code; I do not provide financial advice ”, clarifies.

Dobson was within the select group with access to the keys to manage the Bitcoin Core code since December 2018. Following the resignation of Jonas Schinelli, the New Zealander shared functions with Marco Falke and Michael Ford, the other two developers who are still active in maintaining the code.

Bitcoin Core explains in its website:

“Project maintainers have commit access and are responsible for merging patches from contributors. They play a janitor role merging patches that the team agrees should merge. They also act as a final check to ensure patches are safe and in line with project goals. The role of the maintainers is by agreement of the project collaborators ».

Bitcoin Core team.

Too have access to the code and frequent collaborators are Pieter Wuille, Wladmir J. van der Laan, and Hennadii Stepanov.

There are few maintainers, but that’s not a danger for Bitcoin

The small number of maintainers active in the main Bitcoin client means that many see glimpses of centralization in the network, which – according to some opinions – could be dangerous if the maintainers had malicious intentions.

As CriptoNoticias detailed in October, after the resignation of Jonas Schnelli as maintainer, these fears are not founded. It was mentioned on that occasion that “anyone can audit the code and notice if a change does not correspond to those approved by the community.” For this reason, a malicious update can simply be rejected by most nodes.

In addition, if malicious maintainers wanted to take over the Bitcoin Core repository, it would be easily solved by creating a new one where those actors do not have the possibility of access.