Saturday, December 4

After laying off 1,800 workers, Garbarino filed for bankruptcy

Last Friday, the labor portfolio declared the mandatory reconciliation for 15 days in the dispute over dismissals in Garbarino.

In the provision, the labor portfolio urged the parties to roll back the current situation. On the one hand, he called the Argentine Federation of Commercial and Service Employees to set aside “any direct action measure that they were implementing and / or have planned to implement.”

On the other, he asked the company Garbarino SA that “if the denounced dismissals have been carried out, revert the situation to the one that existed prior to the start of the conflict.”

Garbarino’s delicate situation deepened during the sharp drop in consumption that occurred in recent years, started during the government of Mauricio Macri and later by the pandemic. Its workers today have been collecting their wages in installments for months.

The crisis in the home appliance sales sector, aggravated by the outbreak of the pandemic, also put the Ribeiro chain in check. The closure of stores and the suspension of sales through the internet portal are two concrete indicators.

The Garbarino group, which is made up of the companies Garbarino, Compumundo, Digital Fueguina, Tecnosur, Garbarino Viajes and Fiden, It was bought two years ago by the businessman Carlos Rosales, owner of the insurance company Prof and pro treasurer of the San Lorenzo club.

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