Wednesday, February 21

After Ómicron companies have resumed teleworking: Gustavo Tomé

The emergence of the Omicron variant has changed the perspective of health experts, since they estimated that this year the COVID-19 pandemic would culminate; however, countries around the world are currently experiencing a new wave of infections and, therefore, restrictions.

Therefore, the governments of various nations have chosen to reapply confinement to mitigate positive cases. As far as Mexico is concerned, some companies that used to operate from corporate offices are once again opting for remote work.

Given this, the president of the Fibra Plus Council, Gustavo Tomé, pointed out that teleworking has been the most viable option for our country to continue with the economic reactivation. However, the importance of organizing and having control of activities should not be forgotten.

Likewise, Tomé emphasized that, even if they are activities carried out at home, there must be a routine and control of activities to ensure the productivity of the employee.

“During the lockdown, organizations have necessarily adapted to continue collaborating and ensure that the most important processes can be carried out remotely. Most will have to worry about transferring existing processes to remote work contexts”, assured the businessman.

In addition, Gustavo Tomé recalled that it is progress for the future, since, even if the COVID-19 pandemic ends in a few years, teleworking will be consolidated as a way of carrying out different tasks.