Friday, January 21

After reaching 3 million players, Thetan Arena promotes NFTs

One of the games that has attracted attention over the past week is Thetan Arena, play-to-earn created with support from Animoca Brands. To celebrate the 3 million player mark, an NFT promotion was launched by the blockchain game this Friday (3).

This game was released a week ago and quickly burst into the blockchain gaming community. To participate in the game, however, it is not necessary to make any initial investment, as this is one of the free-to-play games.

The dynamics of this game are similar to Brawl Stars, popular game for Android and iOS with hero combat in arenas.

Its two tokens were created by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), being the THG (governance and similar to Axie Infinity’s AXS) and the THC (unlimited reward in-game token, similar to SLP).

Those who don’t invest money in the game should go on evolving and gaining experience, getting the game’s own tokens as rewards, but a slower evolution process that gives less rewards. Upon joining the game, all players get three free-to-play heroes (F2P), which can be used in arena battles.

Those who invest in the game and buy the “play to win” (P2E) heroes already start to get money in battles won, which is a more profitable mode according to the game’s economy.

When heroes win matches and are rewarded, they earn gTHC, which is the THC token within the game. This resource can be exchanged for THC, which can then be used to exchange for other cryptocurrencies at the PancakeSwap broker, for example.

However, who plays in free mode should take more time to withdraw resources, as this depends on the player’s evolution within the game.

To celebrate 3 million users, Thetan Arena promotes NFT BOX

Those who bought heroes at the start of the game paid around 100 BUSD for each character and started earning at the launch of the game. But this weekend a new opportunity was opened for those who didn’t take the initial move.

Thus, Thetan Arena makes a promotion of common and epic BOX NFTs, which will only last 48 hours. Whoever enters the marketplace can buy common BOXes for 150 BUSD and epic ones for 300 BUSD each, with a limit of two per account.

Thetan Arena launches common and epic BOX promotion /Reproduction

This NFTs promotion takes place after the 3 million players mark is reached, which also caused problems on the company’s servers, which ended up registering crashes in some moments of the last days.

Heroes with epic and legendary rarities provide players with extra THC gains. As it has an infinite emission, however, the THC quote has already dropped 51% in the last 3 days, showing that players are pouring it into the market.

It’s worth remembering that the NFTs purchase promotion on the market is nice for beginning players who don’t want to buy spent heroes on the market. That’s because, NFTs heroes have a limit of fights they can perform and on the market some models available for sale are already with the limits widely used by sellers, which ends up being a “trap” for newcomers to this game.

Like all play-to-earn games, this is one more bet on the market, a new game and there is no guarantee that it will have a good return in the future. Even so, it has already attracted millions of players with the attractiveness of playing without investing and launches this promotion to help its base make more profits.