Wednesday, May 18

After the launch of 5G, Emirates temporarily resumes its flights in the US

“The United States Aviation Authority (FAA) and Boeing have issued official advisories lifting previous restrictions on flight operations, allowing Emirates to safely restore full operations to all of its destinations in the United States.”, the company stated.

Although he declared himself “satisfied” with the resumption of flights, the president of Emirates, Tim Clark, said he was aware that it is a “temporary postponement” and that a “long-term solution” is necessary.

Flights to Chicago, Dallas Fort Worth, Miami, Newark, Orlando and Seattle will resume on Friday, while flights to Boston, Houston and San Francisco on Saturday. Operations to Los Angeles, New York JFK and Washington DC have not been affected by the 5G crisis, the airline said.

Despite the postponement of the project, AT&T and Verizon began rolling out new frequency bands for 5G technology in the United States on Wednesday, causing some cancellations of flights but not the major disruptions that airlines feared due to their possible interference with navigation instruments. .