Saturday, December 4

After the lawsuit, president of Blizzard leaves the company | Digital Trends Spanish

The first consequences of the scandals that occurred at Blizzard are already appearing. The company announced that J. Allen Brack is stepping down as president of the company and his position will be assumed by two people from now on.

These people are Jen Oneal and Mike Ybarra; the first is executive vice president in charge of development and previously was in charge of Vicarious Visions, one of Activision’s internal studios. Meanwhile, Mike Ybarra has vast experience in the video game industry and before coming to Blizzard, he was on the Xbox directors’ team.

Both will share the presidency of Blizzard in what has to do with development of future projects and general operations of the company. Precisely the latter is what is under scrutiny, after the lawsuit imposed by the state of California against Blizzard and Activision, due to allegations of harassment and abuse suffered by some employees by people in leadership positions.

For his part, J. Allen Brack delivered a few words to the company official site, in which he says he has full confidence in what both Jen Oneal and Mike Ybarra can do at the head of the study. Although no details were given about his departure, it is not necessary to be a guesser to notice that after what happened, his place within Blizzard was no longer for more: the accusations indicated in the lawsuit are related to the work culture.

Without going any further, the now former president of Blizzard is mentioned in the lawsuit for not having addressed the claims of the victims or having given a definitive solution to the situations that occurred within Blizzard over the years.

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