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After three years, the US frees a Huawei executive | Digital Trends Spanish

The battle between the United States government and Huawei adds a new chapter, although now somewhat friendlier than those that have occurred so far. The country’s Justice Department reached an agreement with Meng Wanzhou, the company’s chief financial officer, that will allow him to return to China after three years of detention in Canada.

Meng Wanzhou was arrested in 2018, charged by the government with theft of technology from T-Mobile, bank fraud and obstruction of justice. And as reported by the Wall street journalThe new agreement implies that the executive will admit any of the charges to end her detention; furthermore, bank fraud charges will be dismissed.

This agreement with the director of Huawei was tried to negotiate a year ago, when Donald Trump was still president. However, back then Meng Wanzhou was unwilling to admit that she had committed any crime, so the conversations ultimately came to nothing.

However, the situation has now changed and it is also beneficial for the third country involved in the matter: Canada. This because the liberation of the Chief Financial Officer Huawei could open the door for the release of two Canadian businessmen held in China since 2018.

Now, this situation could partly release the tensions between Huawei and the United States, the effect of which has been seen in the phones that the company launches and that for years have not had access to Google services. This has hit the company hard, which in response decided to stop depending on Android and develop its own operating system called HarmonyOS.

However, HarmonyOS seems to be nothing more than a not very big Android modification and not at all an operating system developed from scratch, as Huawei claimed from the beginning.

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