Thursday, September 16

Agents with anti-terrorism experience join the investigation of the homophobic aggression in Malasaña

The Provincial Police Information Brigade, a group specialized in terrorism and crimes of radical organizations, has joined the investigation of the brutal homophobic aggression against a young man last Sunday in the Madrid neighborhood of Malasaña, sources have informed next to the case. The Information Brigade is in charge of hate crimes, among others, and will collaborate with the agents of the Madrid Central District police station who opened the report following the report of the attacked young man.

The recent instruction of the Secretary of State for Security, as a result of the crime in A Coruña of Samuel Luiz, on the investigations of hate crimes has been applied from the first moment in the case of the aggression in Madrid. This instruction indicates that in the event that a single indicator appears that points to an assault due to discrimination, the police investigation should focus from the beginning to clarify whether it is a hate crime.

The police sources consulted by assure that it is early to obtain progress in an unprecedented attack and that it was committed on Sunday afternoon. The medical report of the 20-year-old young man leaves no room for doubt about his motivation: the attackers marked him a “fag” with a knife in the buttock, among other insults and cuts, the agents agree.

According to, the attack occurred at five in the afternoon when the neighbor of Malasaña accessed his website. “Comemierda”, disgusting “or” fag “are some of the insults that were uttered to him, according to the police report. To the confusion that the account of the aggression has produced is added that at some point, the victim added to the police, the hooded men mentioned the “antichrist.”

The government delegate in Madrid, Mercedes González, has assured after the homophobic aggression on Sunday in the center of the capital that in the community “seeds of hatred have been sown and now the fruits are being reaped.”

“The hate speech in this community has led us to hear statements that we never thought we would have in a city, in a community, that has open arms to all people, wherever they come from and feel the way they do. sit down, “he assured in an interview on Cadena SER, asked about the relationship between messages from formations such as Vox and the attack on Sunday. In statements to La Hora de La 1 of TVE, the government delegate explained that the victim of homophobic aggression has asked that her privacy be preserved and that she be kept out of the public eye.

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