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Aggression at the cry of ‘shitty fags’ in Conde Duque: “The blow didn’t hurt me, but his homophobia”

Ibon Gutiérrez went into shock last Saturday at dawn, when he was walking on his way home up Conde Duque Street, at the height of the park of the same name. After a week of important mobilizations for the crime of Samuel Luiz – the young man from A Coruña killed by the kicks of a group of people who made his sexual condition ugly – he had to live a situation with similar ingredients, from which he was able to leave on foot , although sore.

According to his complaint filed with the National Police, around three in the morning from Saturday to Sunday a group of five twenty-somethings approached him and the friend who accompanied him with the excuse of asking them for tobacco and beer, which they were denied. “When I saw the situation, I thought it was going to get messy,” recalls Ibon in conversation with Somos Malasaña. Everything happened very quickly: the victim and his friend tried to leave the area asking to be left alone, crossing the street while the five assailants – all males – began to insult them with shouts like “shitty fags.” One of them pounced on Ibon and “crossed his face”, hitting him with his hand on the right side, when he was already on Santa Cruz de Marcenado street, on the way to Chamberí.

“It left my cheekbone like a ball and I was paralyzed,” he explains as he relates that his friend was arguing with other members of the group at the same time. Fortunately, the violence did not continue, and those attacked called the police when they could take a breath. “They arrived very quickly and they treated us very well, then we went to the Leganitos police station to report it,” he recalls.

Ibon is a neighbor member of Más Madrid in the Chamberí district and an LGTBI activist. As a member of this protest community, he was at the concentrations for the murder of Coruña that were held in the capital, and he was very aware of these events when his attack occurred and during the hours that followed.

“I think that everything has been left in a slap. But it could have been another, another and another and to know what would have happened. They could have beaten me, knocked me unconscious, or what happened to Samuel,” he reflects for two days. after having suffered the incident, with a little more distance on the events of that night. “You start to think about what it could have been and you are more aware of gravity,” he adds.

Saturday was the most serious but not the only episode of homophobia that Ibon has had to live. On other occasions they had remained in words: “The typical thing that they insult you, but since you go with more people they stay there,” he explains. Therefore, when he goes out, he tries not to walk around the city alone at night, and to let his friends know that he has already arrived home in the WhatsApp group. “It is sad to say, but I had assumed that at some point something like this would have to happen to me,” he laments.

Ibon decided to denounce the case publicly this Sunday on social networks, after talking with his friends and his colleagues from the LGTBI group of Más Madrid. “The blow didn’t hurt me, but his homophobia”, social media account. And he also went to the police route because “although it can be a long and unpleasant process, if we do not do it, the aggressors will go unpunished,” he warns.

“More attacks are taking place, according to official statistics, that’s because little by little people are becoming aware that they have to report,” he indicates while encouraging anyone who suffers them to do so. “But this is also very much to blame for leisure speeches and people who trivialize these situations, both political leaders and the media that give voice and allow any outrage to be said,” he warns.

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