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Aggressions that Moroccan immigrants have not committed and they are trying to sneak you in

“A herd of seven illegal Moroccans stab and brutally beat this minor in Ceuta” or “a Moroccan beat a 40-year-old Spaniard to death in Retamar (Almería). The Civil Guard has dozens of cases from all over the country. slag that is entering the Almeria coast “.

Ten hoaxes and misinformation about the arrival of migrants to Ceuta

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These are some of the messages that have been disseminated in recent months to falsely link real attacks that occurred in different parts of Spain with immigrants of Moroccan nationality, the group most pointed out with hoaxes on immigration.

Both messages are hoaxes. According to the National Police, the two attacks had been caused by Spanish people. In one of the cases, the person who was a Moroccan immigrant was the victim.

The hoax that accused Moroccan “illegal immigrants” as the perpetrators of a beating in Ceuta: the National Police has already closed the investigation and affirms that they are all Spanish.

“Insecurity increases in Ceuta: seven illegal immigrants of Moroccan origin stab a Spanish minor to steal his bag”. This is one of the messages released about a real attack that took place in Ceuta on July 24.

These messages, which have continued to spread since then accusing Moroccans of this aggression, related the event to the arrival of thousands of immigrants to the autonomous city on May 17. But it was a hoax: all those arrested for this attack are Spanish.

As the National Police indicated to Damn.es, the victim, a 17-year-old Valencian minor, was stabbed and beaten after his attackers tried to steal his belongings. According to this police force, the state of the attacked prevented him from taking a statement and identifying the perpetrators during the first hours after the assault.

However, in the hours after the attack, members of Vox such as the MEP Hermann Terstch or Ana vega, a deputy in the Valencian Courts, affirmed through their Twitter accounts that those responsible were “illegal immigrants of Moroccan origin.”

Two days after these publications, on July 28, the National Police issued a Press release stating that so far “two people had been arrested as perpetrators of the attack” and pointing out that “all those involved are residents of Ceuta.” This communiqué also indicated that “more arrests” were not ruled out.

This investigation has already been closed and, as indicated by the National Police, has resulted in five arrests. They are all Spaniards and residents of Ceuta. In addition, they point out that there was a sixth involved in the beating of the young man who has not been located, but who is identified and is not an immigrant.

A Moroccan man has not killed a Spaniard in Retamar (Almería): the detainee is Spanish and the deceased Moroccan.

“What you see here is a young Moroccan hitting a man’s head” or “a Moroccan beat a 40-year-old Spaniard to death in Retamar (Almería) (he has died in the Torrecárdenas hospital). The @guardiacivil has dozens of cases of all the slag that is entering the Almeria coast “. With these messages, images have been disseminated through Telegram, WhatsApp or Twitter in which a car is seen parked on the shoulder of a road and a person hitting another who is on the ground.

This is an assault that took place in the Mediterranean Highway between El Toyo and Retamar (Almería) on Saturday August 21, explains the National Police. According to the same sources, the aggression shown in the images occurred around 8 in the morning. There is a detainee: a 33-year-old Spanish man, who was “the sentimental partner of the deceased’s niece.” The victim was of “Moroccan nationality”, according to the police report.

In addition, some of the messages that spread that the aggressor was Moroccan made mention of the cases handled by the Civil Guard, but from this body it refers to the response of the National Police, which affirms that they are the ones who took the case.

There is no evidence that the two arrested for fatally running over a civil guard in Jerez (Cádiz) are “Moroccan” or “Maghrebian.”

“Run over by a drunk and drugged Moroccan” or “two Maghrebis run over and kill a civil guard.” These are some of the messages that have been shared through social networks related to a real aggression accusing, once again, Moroccans of being the culprits.

The run over to which they refer took place at dawn on Saturday May 29, when a Civil Guard agent was hit by a car driven by a 22-year-old man, in which a 17-year-old minor was also traveling. The event occurred on a road at the entrance to Jerez, when those involved were fleeing from a previous Civil Guard control kilometers behind. Both were arrested.

A few hours after this arrest, messages began to spread stating that the occupants of the vehicle were Maghreb or Maghreb. However, according to the Cadiz Civil Guard Command, where the detainees were transferred, they assure that the two were “of Spanish nationality” and that they do not have the nationality of any Maghreb country. In addition, there is no trace of any official source or any means of communication that affirms that the detainees are not Spanish.