Tuesday, September 26

Agreement between the Generalitat and the teachers’ unions to cancel the strikes at the beginning of the course

The teachers’ unions and the Generalitat have sealed peace a few days after the return to school and after the 2021-2022 academic year, one of the most conflictive in memory. The teachers’ representatives have accepted the latest offer from the Department of Education, presented by surprise last Wednesday, and which consists of reducing all of them by one teaching hour, both in Primary and Secondary, to return to the workload in the classroom that they had before the cuts.

The Government offers teachers to recover their pre-crisis schedule to avoid strikes at the beginning of the course

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Meeting this Thursday from 3:00 p.m., shortly after the Minister, Josep González-Cambray, presented the news of the start of the course at a press conference, both parties have reached an agreement that means calling off the strikes scheduled for 7 and 28 of September. This will contribute to appease the climate of tension between the Educational Administration and the unions, which maintained a strong pulse last year with nine days of strikes or work stoppages and massive demonstrations due to the progress of the school calendar (classes start on Monday 5), the new curriculum, ratios or school hours.

The reduction in teaching hours, which will take place from January and will be financed by raising the deficit ceiling in the current budgets, will mean the entry into the public system of some 3,500 teachers (1,500 Primary teachers and 2,000 Secondary ). “It is the main claim of the unions since February,” recalled Cambray, who has estimated the cost of the measure at 170 million euros.