Friday, January 21

Agreement signed for the Tocumen incinerator to start up in January

Ehe Minister of Agricultural Development, Augusto Valderrama, announced that no later than January 30, 2022, the Tocumen International Airport will have an incinerator, which will join the strategies that this ministry maintains, to stop the entry of products that put the production and economy of Panama at risk.

We have reached an agreement so that all the garbage that is lowered from the airplanes inside the airport is incinerated, as established by the phyto and zoosanitary controls and thus avoid risks of contamination in the national production ”, said Valderrama, who described this agreement as a conquest for the benefit of the Panamanian productive sector.

The announcement was made after the signing of this agreement, In which the minister Valderrama, Raffoul Arab, general manager of the Tocumen air terminal participated; Carlo Rognoni, Vice Minister of Agricultural Development; Dra. Cecilia de Escobar, Executive Director of Agricultural Quarantine; Gilberto Real, from the International Regional Organization for Agricultural Health (OIRSA); Civil Aeronautics and health sector authorities, says a Mida press release.

He added that this agreement complies with a commitment of the National Government and the health of the country. The incinerator was a donation from OIRSA and will be managed by the airport.

LIn the absence of an incinerator for waste management at the airport, it represented a high risk for phytosanitary security. and zoosanitaria of the country, reason why the installation of the incinerator was urgent, a task that Minister Valderrama headed.

In 2021, the phytosanitary and phytosanitary systems were reinforced to prevent pests from arriving in Panama and diseases such as African Swine Fever, Giant African Snail (AGC) and Fusarium oxiporum. In addition, progress is being made in the control of Huanglongbing in citrus fruits and coffee berry borer.