Monday, September 27

Aguirre charges against the “chiquilicuatres” of Genoa and gives his support to Ayuso to preside over the PP of Madrid

The former president of the Community and the PP of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, has stated that she will give her support to the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to lead the party in autonomy and criticizes that Genoa tries to delay the Congress. “To put obstacles to Ayuso is to help Sánchez,” he asserted.

On an interview in El Mundo, collected by Europa Press, recalled that the presidents of the PP in all of Spain, in the regions, are the presidents of their communities or the autonomous candidates, so he agrees with Ayuso that, in Madrid, “the situation must be normalized “.

“My opinion is that Almeida is not going to show up. And what he says is that those from Genoa are pushing him. It may be true, because some of the little ones that they have behind in Genoa and Almeida is what they are saying”, He has launched.

Regarding the possibility of advocating for a ‘third way’ and having someone else lead the training, Aguirre believes that it is a model “that does not make any sense.” “Here we have the person who has done the most political damage to Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias, who is Ayuso,” he has settled.

In his opinion, from ‘Genoa’ they are trying to “delay” the Madrid Congress. In this sense, he recalled that the Supreme Court condemned Mariano Rajoy’s PP for not calling the congress when it was due. For Aguirre, we must “celebrate it as soon as possible.”

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