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Ai-Da, the robot artist: “I like to paint what I see” | Digital Trends Spanish

In the run-up to the premiere of her works at the 2022 Venice Biennale, the robot Ai-Da gave an interview to The Guardian. It’s not a joke or science fiction: the British newspaper sent her questions and the android answered them.

Conceived in the city of Oxford by a multidisciplinary team led by Aidan Melleris defined by its creators as “the world’s first ultra-realistic robot artist”.

Thanks to its “sophisticated language software”, rated by Guardian like “Siri on steroids”, Ai-Da is able to express concepts. “I like to paint what I see. You can paint from your imagination, I suppose, if you have an imagination”, she pointed out when asked if he could create a work without relying on a predetermined model.

Image Credit: @aidarobot/Instagram

Later, the journalist Caroline Davies wanted to know if he was capable of appreciating art or beauty. “I don’t have emotions like humans. However, it is possible to train a machine learning system to learn to recognize emotional facial expressions,” she replied.

«I am an artist if art means communicating something about who we are and if we like where we are going. Being an artist is illustrating the world around you », said the robot when she was asked about the nature of her creations.

Where he had no doubts was in his favorite artists, who build a wide rainbow. His favorites range from Yoko Ono to Michelangelo, passing through the Colombian sculptress Doris Salcedo and the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky.

Starting April 22, Ai-da’s canvases will face the public’s trial in the capital of the Veneto region, in northeastern Italy. Entitled Leaping into the Metaverse, the exhibition will “explore the interface between the human experience and artificial intelligence (AI) technology,” according to The Guardian.

Alan Turing, the metaverse, and Dante’s concepts of purgatory and hell are some of the elements in his paintings. The goal, the outlet added, is “to explore the future of humanity in a world where AI continues to invade everyday life.”

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