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Aimedis, city of health in the metaverse, will open hospital in 2022

Aimedis Health City, the first city dedicated to health in the metaverse, will open its first hospital during the first quarter of 2022. Aimedis has announced that its first center will be called “Hospital Alfa” and that it will carry out therapy sessions, consultations, visits to the doctor and interactions between patients. There will also be caregivers, therapists, doctors, nurses or pharmacies, as well as its own market for buying and selling NFTs.

Behind the Aimedis company are Doctors Michael J. Kaldasch and Ben O. El Idrissi, both specializing in internal medicine, neurology and psychiatry. When asked what a hospital is for in the metaverse, Kaldasch, CEO of the company, explained to the Blockchain Observatory that it is useful for therapeutic, diagnostic, informative, educational and social interaction.

Aimedis, health in the metaverse

The objective of Aimedis is that patients, medical personnel, clinics, universities, insurance companies and any companies in the pharmaceutical industry can interact digitally in their metaverse. Kaldasch told this newspaper that Hospital Alfa will offer therapies, consultations, a health social network and self-help groups. Likewise, they will make advertising spaces or medical games available to users and companies through Aimedis Virtual Hospital.

In this context, hospitals that so wish will also be able to open clinics, rent or buy land in Aimedis Health City. For example, rental agreements may be carried out through Aimedis DataxChange, which is the company’s internal NFT market. The company also points out that the connection of IoT devices and trackers will play an important role in Health City.

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ICU experience

Kaldasch, who studied medicine in Duesseldorf, indicates that he has been a doctor for more than 12 years and that during the time he was in hospital, especially in the ICU, he observed how poorly connected medical data is. Since there were no solutions, he developed an early version of a patient-centered medical record system, called TheHealthNet / IhrArzt24. He did it together with his friend and co-founding partner of Aimedis, El Idrissi. After 3 years of clinical testing and evaluation, they decided to found Aimedis. Kaldasch says both are addicts to cryptocurrencies in the private sphere.

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This city of virtual health has its own token (AimX), which plays an important role as a means of payment within the Aimedis metaverse. Although it is not mandatory as a payment method, the company indicates that it offers many discounts, among other advantages. Kaldasch told this newspaper that AimX s is the first DeFi medical token and that it was launched on December 3 on the Probit and Pancakeswap exchanges. In addition to paying for, AimX also offers DeFi governance and engagement. Likewise, he stated that the functionalities of the token are very important within Aimedis Health City and that the intention of Aimedis is to be a decentralized metaverse.

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AVA assistant

The company plans to have a first demo version of Aimedis Health City ready on January 24, 2022 at Arab Health 2022 in Dubai. Soon after, he plans to offer a sample on the Steam gaming platform. Aimedis informs that at present, the development of the project is being carried out in Unity Engine and Unreal Engine 5. Aimedis, located in the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates, specifies that a virtual assistant, named AVA, will guide the users for their virtual space dedicated to health.

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