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Airbnb wants you to celebrate Halloween at Scream’s house | Digital Trends Spanish

Airbnb wants you to have a unique experience for Halloween. For this, the company will make available the house where the film was filmed scream to be rented.

The idea is that this residence can be reserved from October 12 and the company will allow one person plus three companions to spend a particular evening there.

The value per night is only $ 5, but this is only symbolic. The problem is the limited number of places available, which makes it almost impossible to keep one of them.


This announcement is part of the publicity campaign for the next installment of the saga, which should arrive in January next year.

“Go back in time to 1996, where you will be instantly transported to the city of Woodsboro and all the misfortune that surrounds it. You and up to three guests will be able to stay the night (if you think you can handle it). Ghostface has returned to terrorize our city, so we will have to be careful to avoid any encounter with him, ”says the Airbnb ad.

Are you not scared are you? Learn how to book your stay @airbnb & amp; see the new SCREAM in theaters January 2022 @ScreamMovies pic.twitter.com/ZRm4q1SucI

& mdash; David Arquette (@DavidArquette) September 29, 2021

Another striking point is that the appearance of the house looks exactly the same as when the horror tape was recorded in 1996.

In fact, the idea is that the visitors are transported to the events that are narrated in the film. The invitation also includes a kind of virtual welcome from David Arquette, one of its protagonists.

The Airbnb proposal also offers a tour of the house, designed with a high level of detail that also includes the knife marks on the doors.

The picture shows the house where the movie Scream was filmed.

There will also be a VHS movie marathon with the four installments of scream. Finally, the organizers of the experience comment that there will be a telephone in the house that can receive calls from the same Ghostface.

To reserve this sinister house you have to visit the site from Airbnb on Tuesday, October 12. The residence can be reserved on the 27th, 29th or 31st of the same month.

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