Saturday, May 28

Airlines ask for more Police to avoid long queues at airport controls

The air sector returns to pre-pandemic occupancy levels and the forecasts for this summer indicate that Spain will return to the 2019 data, although it depends a lot on the destinations. This forecast, added to the increased controls at airports for health reasons, means that queues at airport controls are considerably longer.

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“More National Police are needed in passport controls. Especially at airports with heavy international traffic. In Easter alone, 3,000 travelers have lost their connections at the Madrid-Barajas airport”, assured the president of the Association of Air Lines (ALA), Javier Gándara, at a press conference.

These delays and loss of connections condition the operations of the airlines, but also “negatively affect the image of Spain as a destination”, has indicated the head of the association that integrates the largest companies in the sector. “These images can make them go to a neighboring country instead of Spain.”

And how much police equipment is needed? “It is something that is not new. It happened last summer. What we are saying is that passport control be more agile, especially where there are international controls to third countries outside the European Union; that there is sufficient provision. How much? I don’t know that. It has to be decided by the Police”, acknowledged the person in charge of ALA.

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