Friday, August 12

Airport chaos continues as Kabul plunges due to shortages

Correspondent in Jerusalem



“Avoid approaching the gates of Kabul airport”, this was the message sent by the U.S. Embassy to citizens who are waiting to be evacuated. A week after the fall of the capital to the Islamists, the situation does not relax at the gates of an airfield whose main access is controlled by the Taliban and where thousands of people desperate to escape the Emirate continue to arrive. The highest political leader of the movement, Mullah Baradar, traveled to Kabul to work on the formation of the new government and found a city with closed banks, bankrupt ATMs, understocked supermarkets, prices skyrocketing and full of displaced people arriving from the provinces. The humanitarian crisis is knocking once again on the doors of Afghanistan.

«Due to security threats at the airport gates, we recommend that customers
“American citizens to avoid approaching there at this time, unless they receive individual instructions from a government representative to do so,” was the message from the US delegation. This alert was accompanied by the deployment of two helicopters that flew to a point in the capital to pick up there 150 people which they took by air to the runway. Germany It has also sent two helicopters to ensure the safe departure of its citizens from collection points in the interior of the city.

“The West should have had a better evacuation plan than the one we are seeing”

Asked once again about the chaos at the airport, a Taliban spokesman responded to Reuters that “the West should have had a better evacuation plan than the one we are seeing.” Islamists denied the kidnapping of 150 citizens Indians, as reported by the media in this country, and assured that they were limited to “holding some of them for questioning before leaving the country.”

While the Americans asked not to go to the airport, N, collaborator from Spain In Kabul, he received a call “to ask us to go there and try to contact the Spanish soldiers, but we are scared because we have no specific contact and we know that it is dangerous. They ask us to wear red and yellow handkerchiefs, like the Spanish flag. N counts the minutes to leave the country with his wife and four young children. Afghans who are waiting to be evacuated consulted by this means have denounced the presence of mafias that in exchange for 2,000 dollars (1,700 euros to change) they manage to overcome the Taliban checkpoints and the rest of the obstacles and access the interior.

First fatwa

The first Islamic edict of the new authorities was produced in the city of Herat, according to the local Khaama Press agency, and will mean the suspension of joint education for men and women in the universities and institutes of this province in the west of the country. The argument defended by the Mullah Farid, head of higher education in the Emirate, was that “coeducation must end because the system is the root of all the evils of society.”

Coeducation must end because the system is the root of all the evils of society »

The Emirate is in its first week and, in the absence of knowing the formation of the new government, it already knows that does not have the recognition of the European Union, as clarified by the president of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen. Russia, however, thinks that it is important to establish good relations with Afghanistan.

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