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Akira animator’s hidden complaint comes to light 33 years later | Digital Trends Spanish

The animated film Akira, Released in 1988, it has kept a secret for decades that until now was kept hidden: the complaint of an animator who was surely tired of having to be extremely meticulous with work.

This is seen in a scene around minute 38 of the tape, in a sign pasted on a typewriter that at first glance appears to be written in English and contains the word “caution” (danger). However, the text is not entirely in English, rather it is Japanese written in the Latin alphabet and it reads the following:

Why do we even have to fill in this part? Stop! It’s too much.

This text had gone unnoticed for 33 years, until a user on Twitter discovered it thanks to the fact that the tape was available for free on YouTube until December 28, only in Japanese territory.

AKIRA の 25 号 予 言 シ ー ン に 作画 ス タ ッ フ の 悲痛 な 叫 び が 隠 さ れ て い ま し た (い ま 知 っ た

& mdash;非 恵 川 ひ こ ざ @ 2 回 接種 マ ン (@HikozaTwi) December 24, 2021

This claim seems to indicate that, at the time, the animators of the film were overwhelmed by the amount of detail that had to be added to each scene. It is known that anime and Japanese productions in general – and especially at that time – were carefully created. And at a time when everything was done by hand, in an analogous way and with almost no help from digital technologies, the work fell to animators and illustrators.

Also, this text may have barely come to light due to current technology, which allows details like this one to be seen more clearly. Akira, which would never have been detected on a traditional television. Perhaps for the same reason it was never found by the study at the time.

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