Sunday, August 14

Alberto Fernández called by decree to governors and mayors to control prices

For now, the plan has been extended to supermarkets, but so-called “Chinese” and neighborhood stores are not yet included.

Decree 745/2021, which has the signatures of the President, the Chief of Cabinet Juan Manzur, and the Ministers of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas, and of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, was published this Friday in the Official Gazette .

“The mayors of all the municipalities of the country be summoned to carry out, concurrently with the Nation, the inspection and control of compliance with the provisions established in Resolution No. 1050 of October 19, 2021 of the COMMERCE SECRETARIAT INTERIOR of the MINISTRY OF PRODUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT, or those that in the future extend, expand or replace it, in the cases included in article 15 of Law No. 20,680 ″, reads the first article of the regulation with which the Executive Power seeks to stop the inflationary escalation of mass consumer products, before the November 14 elections.

In article 3, the call is extended to “the governors and provincial governors and the Head of Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.” Already on Wednesday Alberto Fernández had defended the freezing of prices in front of the governors of the whole country, with the exception of Rodolfo Suárez and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta from Mendoza. There the local leaders signed the “Agreement between the National Government and the Provinces” regarding this issue.

“The price increases severely punish the incomes of Argentine men and women, putting at risk the continuity of economic growth. If the income of our people deteriorates, consumption, production, investment, employment and the profitability of our SMEs will weaken ”, it was mentioned in the document.

“For this reason, it is time to take care of the economic recovery together, prioritizing those who suffered the most from this difficult time that we had to go through. It is time to follow the measures adopted by the national government to roll back the price increases to October 1, and establish until January 7, 2022, the temporary fixing of maximum sale prices to the final consumer, for all producers, marketers and distributors of the indicated products ”, it was added.

Beyond the gesture of the governors, the Executive Branch decided to move forward with the convocation by decree. “The Governors are invited to coordinate these actions with the Mayors and Mayors of each jurisdiction, in accordance with provincial and municipal regulations,” the regulations clarify.

To comply with the control of frozen prices, “the municipal authorities will adjust to the procedure and actions provided for in articles 10 and 12 of the Supply Law No. 20,680, while the judgment of infractions will correspond to the Ministry of Commerce. Interior, who will determine the mechanism for the remission of the administrative actions drawn up for this purpose ”.

It will be the area that Roberto Feletti now leads that will provide the mayors with “the technical assistance and cooperation that may be required.”

“It is a priority to guarantee compliance with said measure or those that in the future extend, expand or replace it, to ensure the well-being of the country’s inhabitants in a uniform manner throughout the National Territory,” justified the Government in the recitals of the decree.

Regarding the power granted to governors and mayors, it was explained that “the Police Power, as an activity of the Administration aimed at guaranteeing the maintenance of harmonious coexistence, security, public order, health and general well-being has its foundation in article 14 of the National Constitution ”.