Tuesday, July 5

Alberto Rodríguez announces that he will attend the 2023 elections in a political project “of Canarian obedience”

The former deputy Alberto Rodríguez (who is waiting for the Constitutional Court to recover his seat) announced this Tuesday that he will attend the 2023 elections in a political project “of Canarian obedience”. “If there is a space of popular Canarian obedience to improve the material living conditions of people in 2023, they will be able to count on my help, in whatever position is necessary,” he specified in an interview on Radio Club Tenerife.

The Constitutional Court will study the decisions of the Supreme Court and Congress that left Alberto Rodríguez without a seat

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Rodríguez has defended the need to have a formation whose structure is in the Canary Islands and maintains that the parties based outside the Archipelago will always be more interested in what happens in one of the big capitals than in an issue of the Archipelago, something which he assures that he verified during the migratory management or in other matters that concern the Islands. “Respect for the territories and the different nationalities is not listened to, in a state structure it will always be impossible. There will always be a more important issue within the M-30”.

He considers that there is indeed a broad social, political and electoral space for a force “that is of Canarian obedience and of a popular nature”, since, as he has pointed out in the Canary Islands, there have been examples of parties of Canarian obedience but that obeyed the “interests of the tourist or construction employers”. Rodríguez maintains that one “of the differential facts of the Canary Islands is abstention” and believes that “if we really want to change the productive model and for people to live well”, that one can “rent a flat, a house” or “a health they won’t give you an appointment for years to come”, he points out that it is necessary for these people to have an illusion to go to the polls.

At the moment, he stresses that the project has just started with people close to him, but he remarks that when asked a lot in the streets about whether it will be in 2023, he remarks that yes, if that space is given. “Whoever wants to come to agree and debate will be welcome as long as they respect that the decisions, votes, resources and representation belong to the Canary Islands”, he insisted.

Rodríguez has recalled that in the early years of democracy there was a broad space in the Canary Islands, made up of nationalists and others from the left, from the labor movement and that it achieved large quotas of representation, which was the Unión del Pueblo Canario (UPC). In this sense, he insists that this space is possible.

Regarding his relationship with Podemos, he has pointed out what he has already said on other occasions and that is that “more could have been done” not for him, but for the representation of 60,000 Canarian men and women who voted for the list he headed, a seat that still empty. Rodríguez has insisted that he was convicted without evidence and that the sentence does not state that he should be deprived of his deputy act. “If I had not been a Canarian deputy and an industrial worker right now I would still be in Congress. If I had had a compound surname or was a deputy for the community of Madrid or had more powerful friends, this would not have happened, “he said.

“A democratic outrage was committed against my figure and against the 60,000 Canarians who voted for me. A trial was built without any type of evidence, the sentence was written in advance”, he remarked during the interview in which he also stated that sometimes in the Canary Islands “it seems that they govern”, referring to the commitment to the same economic model. or because European funds have not been used to diversify the economy.


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